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Rhode Island ranks as “4th worst run state” in the country

The words “mediocrity” and “Rhode Island” are now synonymous according to an extensive study by “24/7 Wall Street,” a business insider magazine. The standout figure in 24/7’s study was the per-capita debt of Rhode Islanders, which averages at $9,068 per citizen. The magazine has also cited Rhode Island for its “bleakest future” consolation prize, noting that “with a dwindling tax base, conditions may get worse in the Ocean State before they get better.”

The publication continues, citing that “Rhode Island lost roughly 0.3% of its total population to people relocating from 2010 through 2014, making it one of 12 states with more people moving out than moving in. The population decline likely contributed to the even sharper drop in property values.”

The publication postulates that the largest contributor to the state’s poor administration is an over-sized state-level bureaucracy.

“Budget allocation in Rhode Island may not be efficient. While the state spends much more on government than is typical, at 5.4% of its annual budget, the government sector actually detracted 0.2 percentage points from the state’s 2014 GDP growth, a larger drag than in all but six other states,” the study stated.

Also addressed are Rhode Island’s poor credit rating issued by Moody’s in the wake of the 38 Studios scandal. The magazine awarded “best-run” status to North Dakota, Wyoming, and Iowa.


“Dancing Cop” banned by East Providence after controversy

Black Lives Don’t Matter, according to the Dancing Cop. Tony Lepore has seen another venue for his routine disappear following his brazen foray into conservative political activism.

Lepore was slated to perform for the city’s annual holiday tree lighting, but the City is now “pursuing other options.” According to the city’s full statement: “the City of East Providence has hired Tony Lepore, the dancing cop who protested against a 17 year old Dunkin Donuts employee after having #blacklivesmatter written on a coffee cup. Lepore made international headlines after calling for the firing of the employee and a boycott of Dunkin Donuts. The city’s choice to employ the Dancing Cop has shown that it has disregarded the issue of institutional racism, and the city is allowing enablers of institutional racism to represent the city.”

The holiday festivities are also sponsored by Dunkin Donuts. Lepore, in addition to his routine, is a paid spokesman for Honey Dew Donuts. Lepore has posted a screed on facebook stating  “I Have An Announcement to make; I just got a call from Mayor Tommy Rose of East Providence. He informed me that there was to be a demonstration put on by various organizations affiliated with Black Lives Matter. This event is supposed to be a festive holiday experience for children and their families.”

Lepore cited an unsubstantiated rumor that there will be a Black Lives Matter demonstration during the holiday ceremony. Black Lives Matter has stated on their twitter feed that they do not plan to protest the event.


Chief-less Providence firefighters criticize city

A crisis of leadership is evolving for Providence firefighters, who have been acting without a chief since the demotion of Scott Melo earlier this year.

Providence Firefighter Union President Paul Doughty said Tuesday that he had been “under the impression” that Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare would be serving as Interim Fire Chief in addition to his current duties, after the city demoted previous Chief Scott Mello — but learned that there was no acting or interim fire chief .

Pare would most likely not meet the qualifications as outlined in the job description for Fire Chief; the City appointed former Chief George Farrell as a consultant to the department, who would be ineligible to serve as Chief due to being past mandatory retirement age.

“I was under the impression that the Commissioner was going to serve as Commissioner, and Interim Fire Chief,” Doughty says, “Mello had been in that position — if you leave it vacant, then the next highest on the [organizational] chart becomes chief. So Mello is the head of the organization, without a chief.”

For interested applicants, the job description for the position of fire chief is as follows: “Providence is seeking a progressive and proven fire service professional to lead its Fire Department.  Established in 1854, the Providence Fire Department is the second oldest continuously operating professional fire department in the country. The Department is a full-service fire and emergency medical service agency that provides basic and advanced life support, fire prevention, fire suppression, technical rescue, and hazardous material response.  In addition, the Department conducts arson investigations and building plan reviews, enforces state and local fire and life safety codes, and administers public fire education programs.”

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