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NSSLHA Speed Seminar raises speech, language pathology awareness

Stephanie Faria

Anchor Contributor

The first ever Speed Seminar was held in Alger Hall last Wednesday. The Rhode Island College chapter of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association hosted the event, inviting members of the college community to hear what they had to say.

The NSSLHA club concentrates on speech and language pathology, and is composed of members who are Communications majors. In order to make a splash after spending some time on hiatus, the Speed Seminar was born. A short list of 10 to 15-minute long presentations were given by club members on topics of their own choosing.

“It birthed itself,” NSSLHA President Campbell said of the group coming up with the idea. Members give similar mini lectures at their weekly meeting, so the decision was easy to show off their hard work and educate the public.

“They were like, ‘Let’s do it!’,” Campbell recalled excitedly.

When asked what the group hopes to accomplish, NSSLHA Vice President Kristy Antonacci said, We want to spread awareness of speech and hearing sciences.”

Campbell and Antonacci joined club members Alexa Quinterno, Maria Corsini, Michaela Feeney and Courtney Saucier in presenting speeches on topics ranging from American Sign Language and Autism Spectrum Disorders to Traumatic Brain Injury and Medical Speech-Language Pathology and Dysphagia.

Speakers were passionate and professional, and Campbell was proud at the hard work his peers have pulled off.

“I’ve never met a more passionate group of people,” Campbell said.

The club’s advisor, Dr. Harriet Magen, was extremely proud of her group.

“Oh, it’s terrific work!” she said.

By the audience’s reaction, it would be fair to say the event was a success. Krystiana Mederios, a recent RIC graduate and former club member, was blown away at the progress the club has made. Family was no exception, either, as Norma-Jean Corsini thought it was an honor for her daughter Maria, who gave a great presentation on American Sign Language, to have come so far. It is a wonder as to what the next seminar will bring.


I left “First Biannual” in there because that’s what they are calling it, not because I believe First Biannual is a thing because it’s not!

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