Surfing Etiquette You Must Observe

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All surfers know that a surfing etiquette exists. The etiquette simply refers to the code of conduct that all surfers have to adhere to. Without it, safe surfing will be impossible. Without strict adherence to the etiquette, surfers will do their thing unhappily. One of the best sites for learning about surfing, best gears, spots to visit, and the etiquette is
Memorizing and respecting the rules by which all surfers operate is crucial for avoiding chaos. Here are some rules you must observe so that you and everyone else can have fun surfing.

Right of Way

The right of way is a term you have probably heard drivers using a lot while on the road. It also applies in surfing. In surfing, the right of way simply means that nobody should get in the way of a surfer who is nearest the peak of any wave. Observing this rule should keep everyone happy and safe.
Right of wave

Close to the right of way is the right of wave.

You may have the right of way but not the right of the wave, and vice versa. The wave is all yours if you are the furthest out or the one who rose to your feet first. You must also remember not to be a wave hog.

Dropping in

Dropping is considered wrong in the surfing world. Dropping in simply means stealing another surfer’s wave. Not only is this wrong, but also dangerous. You risk your life and that of other surfers by dropping in. Some of the risks you expose yourself and others by dropping in include:
a) Collision
b) Bones breaking
c) Surfboards destroyed
Dropping in is a terrible idea. You will only succeed in annoying people.


Paddling rules are worth following at all times. There is a right and wrong way of paddling while surfing. Keep your eyes open on the line separating the point at which waves break and people surf. Never paddle straight to that line. Instead, consider paddling in where the possibility of a run in are almost non-existent. You should also be alert while surfing. Check where other surfers are at any given moment. Paddle towards a different direction when you see a surfer rushing towards you. In the world of surfing, it is better to run away than be involved in a run in or collision.

Ditching the board

Ditching the board is also highly discouraged. You should be in contact with your surfboard at all times. Ditching the board, regardless of whatever is happening around you is ill-advised because of the likelihood of hitting somebody who is behind you. Spend some time learning how to duck-dive, instead. Duck diving is a lot safer and helps protect you and the other surfers too.


Snaking should be avoided at all costs. Snaking refers to the habit of trying to ‘overtake’ somebody to get to the wave first. Though it may look interesting and fun, it can lead to injuries and regrets.

These rules may seem meaningless and aimed to dampen the fun of surfers, but they are necessary unless you are surfing at a deserted spot. They can save lives aside from ensuring that one surfer doesn’t get in the way of another one.

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