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Bingo, popular in the USA and Canada, is a game of chance and a form of lottery played using 5×5 cards and grid numbers which payers match against to the random numbers a caller announces. It can be played online as well as offline. The question in often in peopleís minds is whether to play it online or offline. Perhaps, just like other bingo lovers, you have debated this with other players or in your mind. Whatever the case, each option has its pros and cons. So, where should you play bingo? To make this decision, it is best to understand the various features and benefits associated with both games.


To play bingo offline, you will have to make your way to the nearest casino. Normally, that would mean spending more money to travel to the casino and often times buying a few drinks. However, playing online works well for players who do not have limitless financial powers. In this regard, your choice depends on the amount of money you have to spend.

Increased Accessibility

The coming of the Internet has altered the playing field greatly. Bingo is now on the Internet and away (though not completely) from local clubs, casinos, and bingo halls where it was once played religiously. Today, anybody can play bingo from any location at any time. Online bingo is playable 24/7.
Online bingo has two main traits that you cannot get from offline bingo, which are:
a) Increased flexibility
b) Enhanced freedom

What is more, the fact that you can play online bingo from the comfort of your seat at home or anywhere else saves you money. You also get greater exposure playing top experts from across the world. For example, you now no longer have to worry about travel or fuel expenses. Offline Bingo is usually available in clubs and casinos that you would have to visit. However, you get to enjoy the benefits of physical interactions with other players.

Sign Up Bonus

Who does not like a sign-up bonus? Playing offline bingo for the first time has no financial rewards. It is better to invest the time online where you get a sign-up bonus the first time you register to play. A sign-up bonus is just one of the attractions the bingo sites use to lure in more players. The bonus comes in various forms, which include:
a) Free bingo cards
b) Money for playing, which is often equal to the first cash deposit you made

Bigger Payouts

Lastly, playing bingo online gives you access to bigger payouts. Bingo websites have no overheads to worry about or pay. Therefore, they share more money ñ in the form of payouts ñ with bingo players. Compare what you win online with your offline wins. You will realize that there is more money online than it is offline.

This information should help you decide. You can also visit for more details on where to play. In the end, it is your individual preference based on these and other factors that should determine whether to play online or offline.

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