2 Cardinal Rules of Stain Removal

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Clothes and carpets that are free of stains are a good indicator of cleanliness thus the last thing you want is to spoil your appearance or that of your home with stained clothing or carpet. The reality is that it is rather easy as it is to get stains on items; it’s more difficult to get them out. Some are easier to remove while others like markers, coffee, hair dye, ink, and wine tend to be tough to remove. It is important tao learn how to get hair color off carpet, clothing and other items because the treatments vary with the type of stain. Generally, however, you need to observe the cardinal rules of stain removal.

Time Is Of the Essence

The best way to keep items stainless is to avoid getting them stained in the first place. If your best prevention efforts are not effective, you have to act quickly. The number one rule for treating any type of stain is to treat them as soon as they occur. Failure to do so gives stains time to settle in the clothes fiber and become harder to remove.

Use the Right Stain Removal Substance

You should also use the right stain removal substance for the right fabric and the type of stain. Caution should be exercised when using any stain removal substance to avoid damaging the fabric. Always do a test by using the substance on a small, preferably hidden part of the clothing.

Whichever stain treatment method or substance you use, keep safety concerns in mind.

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