Arrested Out Of Your Home State: What You Should Know If Arrested In Georgia

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It is common for people to engage in some ‘fun’ activities on out of state holiday or work trips that can get them arrested. However, being arrested away from Rhode Island in another state increases the stress and anxiety given the distance from family and friends. One can get arrested in a different state for various crimes from felonies and misdemeanors to capital crimes. When you find yourself arrested in a foreign state, there are usually options that you can explore depending on the situation.

Here’s what you should know:


The state within which the offense took place has jurisdiction over the case, and thus their laws are the ones that will apply. It thus means that your court hearings will be held in a Georgia court and subject to its laws. Most states including Georgia can allow those arrested for misdemeanors to hire a local attorney to represent them in court thus excluding the back-and-forth travel expenses. In other cases, you have to present yourself in court. If released to await trial for felonies or other serious crimes, you will need to make a number of back-and-forth trips to attend your court hearings and foot the costs of the trips until the case is concluded. Even if it’s tempting to ignore court hearings, this should be avoided because the consequences can haunt you later. Even though there are intricacies involved, Rhode Island generally has the duty to extradite a person charged with a felony, treason and other crimes in other US states. Therefore, upon receipt of a written demand from Georgia, you can be extradited especially for felonies and capital crimes.


Release on your own recognizance is an option rarely available to out of state offenders. The most likely scenario will be to post bail in order to be freed. If bail is set, you can either post cash bail or opt for bail bonds. Bail bonds are allowed in many US states; giving a person arrested the chance to wait for trial from home despite not having the cash at hand. Transfer bonds may also be an option. There are bail bondsmen who deal with bail bonds in atlanta, GA, are aware of the bail bond procedure in Georgia, and can help you find a way to go home. If however, you fail to return, you face the risk of rearrests, extradition, and bounty hunters hounding you. When this happens, you will likely be remanded in custody until your hearing is concluded.


The laws and legal practices in America vary among the individual states. Your home state lawyer may be useful, but the services of an attorney practicing in Georgia will be invaluable because they are familiar with its justice system. Any online guides cannot replace their services to the laws of Georgia.

Once convicted of the offense despite it being out of your home state, the record becomes public, and any party including your employer can access it if interested. Therefore, it’s best to observe the laws of any state you visit. It is crucial when you are arrested, you adhere to the rules of that state and invest in a good legal representation to achieve the best possible outcome.

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