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Info about Wrongful Termination (COVID-19 Pandemic)

A wrongful termination is one of the worst feelings in the world for those wanting to fight for their rights. It’s important to seek a law firm that is going to take the time to recognize what’s needed and will remain patient throughout the process. This is a must when it comes to ending up winning your case and getting the compensation you deserve.

A great wrongful termination lawyer in NYC is a must for those who want to fight their case the right way. Here is what you are going to get with the best law firm in the region.


The goal should always be to seek a lawyer that is efficient when it comes to handling these types of cases. You want someone that is the real deal, has years of expertise and is willing to share their knowledge to push your case forward. With this law firm, you are going to gain access to a lawyer that is ahead of the game when it comes to understanding your needs. This will lead to a positive verdict that is ideal for your situation as a former employee.

Years of Experience

It is always smart to go with a lawyer that has been handling these cases in NYC for years. This will ensure you are on the right path and end up seeing amazing results as soon as you want to. This expertise is a must when it comes to feeling good about what you are getting from the experience.

This is a law firm that has your best interests in mind and is going to take the time to listen. If you are on the lookout for a solution that is simple, effective, and in line with what you need then it is time to book an appointment right away.

Tips for College Students Buying their First Car

Buying a car is a big first step for a anyone, but especially for a broke college kid.  As as fellow college student that’s gone through the process myself, I wanted to share a few tips that I think can help make the process less painful and less prone to mistakes and regret.  Hopefully following these tips you can get rolling, while they hatin (and still keep a few dollars in your pocket):

Tip #1 – Always Buy Used

This might be an obvious one to everyone working with a budget, but it also has some legit reasoning behind it.  When you don’t care about 10 years down the road, buying a new car is throwing money out the window.  For someone that just needs A-to-B transport for the next 4 years, a good used car is fine (and will cost you 80% less than new).

Tip #2 – Shop Around (online)

The next tip I can give is to make sure you don’t just walk into a dealership.  Used car salespeople’s sole purpose in life is to close the deal before you walk out the door, and you don’t want to put yourself in that position.  When I was looking to buy used cars in Miami, FL, I made that mistake and it took me about 90 minutes to get out of there.  I eventually just needed to walk out.

Use the Internet to see what the market price is around your area, what kind of deals there are, and what kind of mileage/age you’ll be looking at.  You’ll be much better prepared to get a great deal and negotiate if/when you decide to walk into the dealership.

Tip 3# – Make Friends with a Trained Mechanic

Understanding that not everyone can get this tip, it’s still a huge advantage.  Even if you need to pay a mechanic for an hour or two of their time, it may be worth it.  You’ll want them to inspect the car before purchase, to make sure you aren’t getting a lemon.  Factor it in to the price of the car, an extra $300 to make sure you aren’t get ripped off is a pretty good deal in my opinion.

Of course, if you are buying a $800 dollar car, it’s not worth it.  You can expect to get a few good months out of it before something goes wrong.  In this case, you might just consider Uber’ing around.


Why Research Is Necessary When Hiring Domestic Cleaners

Why Research Is Necessary When Hiring Domestic Cleaners

When you are considering hiring a domestic cleaner, there are certain things you expect to achieve. You expect your house to be left spotlessly clean, with everything intact and the service to be worth your money. However, just as when you are hiring any other type of contractor, due diligence is necessary to be sure that you get your money’s worth. Research plays a big role in this.

This means checking for referrals from people you know and trust, looking for information on domestic cleaners in Southampton, and reading tips and best practices on different online sites. Here’s why research and due diligence, by whatever means, is really necessary to find the perfect fit in a domestic cleaner.

It Highlights Reliable Cleaners

Checking for information from reliable sources is part of finding candidates for the domestic cleaning job and vetting them. There are multiple sources both online and offline, but you need to rely only on trustworthy sources. Whichever source or means you use, due diligence will help you determine whether you can trust the cleaner to do the job right.

It is Educational

Aside from helping you find a suitable cleaner, you will be able to know what to expect from whoever you hire. It is a bit strange to learn that most people hire domestic cleaners while in the dark regarding what to expect.

It Helps to Save Money

Doing a little research may take you some time, but you will be able to find a good cleaner who will meet your cleaning needs. In the process, you can also save some money. Here’s how. You can compare the fees charged by the cleaners you are considering and pick one that will provide the most satisfactory service at a fair price. Aside from that, the due diligence will ensure that you hire a cleaner who is perfect or at least good enough for the job. The result is that you don’t waste your money and time on a domestic cleaner who will do a shoddy job and leave you reeling in the shock and regret of losing your money.

Proper research will definitely save you from a lot regret and loss. However, remember there’s more to selecting a domestic cleaner than digging through information online and from references. Aside from the research, you carry out to find suitable candidates for the job and gather enough information about them as you can, there’s more than you need to make the final decision.

What more?

You need to learn more about the cleaner; which requires having a conversation. When you are vetting the cleaner, you need to ask questions. Find a way of asking all the question you think are necessary to ensure that you would be comfortable hiring the cleaner. After all, the cleaner will be in your house for the entire duration of the cleaning session, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be following him/her around all the time, supervising and giving instructions. Listen to answers. Don’t focus just on what is said but also how it is being said. The answers should be provided accurately, professionally, and in a friendly manner too.

Surfing Etiquette You Must Observe

All surfers know that a surfing etiquette exists. The etiquette simply refers to the code of conduct that all surfers have to adhere to. Without it, safe surfing will be impossible. Without strict adherence to the etiquette, surfers will do their thing unhappily. One of the best sites for learning about surfing, best gears, spots to visit, and the etiquette is globosurfer.com.
Memorizing and respecting the rules by which all surfers operate is crucial for avoiding chaos. Here are some rules you must observe so that you and everyone else can have fun surfing.

Right of Way

The right of way is a term you have probably heard drivers using a lot while on the road. It also applies in surfing. In surfing, the right of way simply means that nobody should get in the way of a surfer who is nearest the peak of any wave. Observing this rule should keep everyone happy and safe.
Right of wave

Close to the right of way is the right of wave.

You may have the right of way but not the right of the wave, and vice versa. The wave is all yours if you are the furthest out or the one who rose to your feet first. You must also remember not to be a wave hog.

Dropping in

Dropping is considered wrong in the surfing world. Dropping in simply means stealing another surfer’s wave. Not only is this wrong, but also dangerous. You risk your life and that of other surfers by dropping in. Some of the risks you expose yourself and others by dropping in include:
a) Collision
b) Bones breaking
c) Surfboards destroyed
Dropping in is a terrible idea. You will only succeed in annoying people.


Paddling rules are worth following at all times. There is a right and wrong way of paddling while surfing. Keep your eyes open on the line separating the point at which waves break and people surf. Never paddle straight to that line. Instead, consider paddling in where the possibility of a run in are almost non-existent. You should also be alert while surfing. Check where other surfers are at any given moment. Paddle towards a different direction when you see a surfer rushing towards you. In the world of surfing, it is better to run away than be involved in a run in or collision.

Ditching the board

Ditching the board is also highly discouraged. You should be in contact with your surfboard at all times. Ditching the board, regardless of whatever is happening around you is ill-advised because of the likelihood of hitting somebody who is behind you. Spend some time learning how to duck-dive, instead. Duck diving is a lot safer and helps protect you and the other surfers too.


Snaking should be avoided at all costs. Snaking refers to the habit of trying to ‘overtake’ somebody to get to the wave first. Though it may look interesting and fun, it can lead to injuries and regrets.

These rules may seem meaningless and aimed to dampen the fun of surfers, but they are necessary unless you are surfing at a deserted spot. They can save lives aside from ensuring that one surfer doesn’t get in the way of another one.

Online vs Offline Bingo playing

Bingo, popular in the USA and Canada, is a game of chance and a form of lottery played using 5×5 cards and grid numbers which payers match against to the random numbers a caller announces. It can be played online as well as offline. The question in often in peopleís minds is whether to play it online or offline. Perhaps, just like other bingo lovers, you have debated this with other players or in your mind. Whatever the case, each option has its pros and cons. So, where should you play bingo? To make this decision, it is best to understand the various features and benefits associated with both games.


To play bingo offline, you will have to make your way to the nearest casino. Normally, that would mean spending more money to travel to the casino and often times buying a few drinks. However, playing online works well for players who do not have limitless financial powers. In this regard, your choice depends on the amount of money you have to spend.

Increased Accessibility

The coming of the Internet has altered the playing field greatly. Bingo is now on the Internet and away (though not completely) from local clubs, casinos, and bingo halls where it was once played religiously. Today, anybody can play bingo from any location at any time. Online bingo is playable 24/7.
Online bingo has two main traits that you cannot get from offline bingo, which are:
a) Increased flexibility
b) Enhanced freedom

What is more, the fact that you can play online bingo from the comfort of your seat at home or anywhere else saves you money. You also get greater exposure playing top experts from across the world. For example, you now no longer have to worry about travel or fuel expenses. Offline Bingo is usually available in clubs and casinos that you would have to visit. However, you get to enjoy the benefits of physical interactions with other players.

Sign Up Bonus

Who does not like a sign-up bonus? Playing offline bingo for the first time has no financial rewards. It is better to invest the time online where you get a sign-up bonus the first time you register to play. A sign-up bonus is just one of the attractions the bingo sites use to lure in more players. The bonus comes in various forms, which include:
a) Free bingo cards
b) Money for playing, which is often equal to the first cash deposit you made

Bigger Payouts

Lastly, playing bingo online gives you access to bigger payouts. Bingo websites have no overheads to worry about or pay. Therefore, they share more money ñ in the form of payouts ñ with bingo players. Compare what you win online with your offline wins. You will realize that there is more money online than it is offline.

This information should help you decide. You can also visit https://www.boomtownbingo.com for more details on where to play. In the end, it is your individual preference based on these and other factors that should determine whether to play online or offline.

RI State Police Remind us October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness month?  Well, Superintendent of the State Police in Rhode Island would like to remind you.

Colonel Ann C. Assumpico is encouraging all Rhode Islanders to be aware of the threats related to identity theft and cyber crimes and take extra precautions to insure the safety of your personal information.

In a press release issued September 29th, the State Police cite several Federal crime statistics showing the magnitude of cyber security issues, including losses totaling 1.3 Billion last year alone.

It does not stop at monetary damages either, the release cites Cyber bullying as a major issue related to cyber security, stating “7 of every 10 children are victims of cyber bullying”.

And while the young are often victims, so are the elderly.  Scam artists and other cybercriminals prey on the elderly at twice the rate of all other age groups combined.

Furthermore, the police urge business owners to join the Joint Cyber Task Force which works to protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

For more information on how to protect yourself from cyber crimes, check out this post from Norton.com as well as the original press release from the Rhode Island State Police.


2 Cardinal Rules of Stain Removal

Clothes and carpets that are free of stains are a good indicator of cleanliness thus the last thing you want is to spoil your appearance or that of your home with stained clothing or carpet. The reality is that it is rather easy as it is to get stains on items; it’s more difficult to get them out. Some are easier to remove while others like markers, coffee, hair dye, ink, and wine tend to be tough to remove. It is important tao learn how to get hair color off carpet, clothing and other items because the treatments vary with the type of stain. Generally, however, you need to observe the cardinal rules of stain removal.

Time Is Of the Essence

The best way to keep items stainless is to avoid getting them stained in the first place. If your best prevention efforts are not effective, you have to act quickly. The number one rule for treating any type of stain is to treat them as soon as they occur. Failure to do so gives stains time to settle in the clothes fiber and become harder to remove.

Use the Right Stain Removal Substance

You should also use the right stain removal substance for the right fabric and the type of stain. Caution should be exercised when using any stain removal substance to avoid damaging the fabric. Always do a test by using the substance on a small, preferably hidden part of the clothing.

Whichever stain treatment method or substance you use, keep safety concerns in mind.

Arrested Out Of Your Home State: What You Should Know If Arrested In Georgia

It is common for people to engage in some ‘fun’ activities on out of state holiday or work trips that can get them arrested. However, being arrested away from Rhode Island in another state increases the stress and anxiety given the distance from family and friends. One can get arrested in a different state for various crimes from felonies and misdemeanors to capital crimes. When you find yourself arrested in a foreign state, there are usually options that you can explore depending on the situation.

Here’s what you should know:


The state within which the offense took place has jurisdiction over the case, and thus their laws are the ones that will apply. It thus means that your court hearings will be held in a Georgia court and subject to its laws. Most states including Georgia can allow those arrested for misdemeanors to hire a local attorney to represent them in court thus excluding the back-and-forth travel expenses. In other cases, you have to present yourself in court. If released to await trial for felonies or other serious crimes, you will need to make a number of back-and-forth trips to attend your court hearings and foot the costs of the trips until the case is concluded. Even if it’s tempting to ignore court hearings, this should be avoided because the consequences can haunt you later. Even though there are intricacies involved, Rhode Island generally has the duty to extradite a person charged with a felony, treason and other crimes in other US states. Therefore, upon receipt of a written demand from Georgia, you can be extradited especially for felonies and capital crimes.


Release on your own recognizance is an option rarely available to out of state offenders. The most likely scenario will be to post bail in order to be freed. If bail is set, you can either post cash bail or opt for bail bonds. Bail bonds are allowed in many US states; giving a person arrested the chance to wait for trial from home despite not having the cash at hand. Transfer bonds may also be an option. There are bail bondsmen who deal with bail bonds in atlanta, GA, are aware of the bail bond procedure in Georgia, and can help you find a way to go home. If however, you fail to return, you face the risk of rearrests, extradition, and bounty hunters hounding you. When this happens, you will likely be remanded in custody until your hearing is concluded.


The laws and legal practices in America vary among the individual states. Your home state lawyer may be useful, but the services of an attorney practicing in Georgia will be invaluable because they are familiar with its justice system. Any online guides cannot replace their services to the laws of Georgia.

Once convicted of the offense despite it being out of your home state, the record becomes public, and any party including your employer can access it if interested. Therefore, it’s best to observe the laws of any state you visit. It is crucial when you are arrested, you adhere to the rules of that state and invest in a good legal representation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Cherry Tree Diseases, Detecting Them and When to Seek Treatment

There are many varieties of the cherry tree; the ornamental/flowering variety which includes species such as the weeping cherry, Kanzan, other Japanese varieties; and the fruiting varieties such as Bing, Stella, Royal Lee, Montmorency and the Meteor. These trees require regular maintenance. However, cherry trees, both the ornamental and fruiting, can be affected by diseases and pests that can affect the otherwise beautiful appearance of the trees as well as their structure and growth. In severe cases, the trees can die. The diseases and pests can also spread to other healthy, trees, thus it is necessary to be able to detect if something is wrong early enough so that you can get help before the situation becomes severe.

Diseases such as powdery mildew, canker, leaf scorch, leaf spot, knot and rot diseases can affect both types of cherry trees. A look at common cherry tree diseases pictures will tell you when something is wrong, so as to get an arborist to look at your trees. Common signs to look out for include, shriveling leaves, dark-colored spots on leaves that are yellowing, trunks, and branches exuding gum in spring and summer, abnormal growth on the bark, white patches on the leaves, and the presence of large numbers of visible pests. For fruiting varieties, you may also notice fruits cracking or falling prematurely.

Treating your cherry trees will help you maintain the aesthetic benefits of your flowering cherry tree varieties, which are known for their beautiful blossoms of different colors as well as their stunning autumn color. If you have planted the fruit-bearing varieties, you also get to enjoy healthy, delicious fruits and other benefits associated with trees.

Getting Rid Of Your Old Mattress

Sleeping on old mattresses has been linked to a number of problems such as back pain, exacerbated asthma and other problems linked to dust mite allergies. Many people don’t give a thought to the age of the mattress they sleep in for as long as they don’t feel physical discomfort when they sleep. Although a good quality mattress that’s well cared for can last decades, at some point you need to replace your mattress. There isn’t a specific timeline after which you should replace a mattress because it’s largely dependent on the care it receives. You, therefore, need to be able to tell if your mattress’ time on your bed is up. Here are signs that you need to get a new mattress especially if the current one has crossed the ten-year line.


An obvious sign that you need to get a new mattress is if you can feel the hard surface or rails of your bed when you sleep. Worse, if you can see rail marks on the upper surface of the mattress, it’s probably time for a replacement. As long as you’re uncomfortable lying on the bed, it is unlikely you will be able to sleep well.

Lumpy mattress

A lumpy mattress is a one that is too old, or if you’ve only slept on it for a short time, then it is just of very poor quality. No matter the case, if your mattress becomes lumpy, it is time to replace it.

Aching neck, back or both

This can occur as a result of discomfort caused by a mattress that no longer provides the proper support for your spine. If all interventions to stop the pain don’t work, perhaps you need a new mattress.

Waking up with signs of allergy

An old mattress also tends to be a haven for dust mites. If you have allergies and you go to bed feeling fine but wake up with a running nose, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and irritation of the throat and lungs; a likely culprit would be your old mattress. It might be infested with dust mites and need replacement or at the very least, a cover that is allergen-proof.

When you notice these signs, you need to get rid of your current mattress and get a new one. You can find a mattress that will help you sleep well from Amerisleep, including memory foam and other types of the firm or soft mattresses.


Armed with your new mattress, you can turn your focus to the disposal of the old one. If your local garbage collection service provider accepts mattresses or the manufacturer recycles old ones, it will be easier for you to get rid it. If not, you will need to find a way. You can use a recycling or mattress-disposal service if there is one near you, or find a way to recycle or break it down yourself. Donation is also an option if the mattress is not too old or damaged. Just don’t burn or fly tip it.

Baseball Returns to Warwick

Today marks the official return of professional baseball to Rocky Point State Park as part of a promotional campaign. This was the first of what would be a double header vintage baseball game between the Providence Grays and the New York Mutuals.

It is a shame that most people today are unaware of the town’s baseball past. Historically, the Providence Greys took on the Chicago Cubs at the same venue. On that day, the slugger Babe Ruth pitched for Providence.

The Great Outdoors Pursuit

The Great Outdoor Pursuit is a project by the Department of Environmental Management that started roughly 9 years ago. It seeks to promote the great outdoors by encouraging families to go out and explore the state parks all throughout the summer months.

In an effort to promote the project, the DEM held a vintage exhibition baseball game in Rocky Point State Park. On top of that, other activities were also held including rock wall climbing, a scavenger hunt, food trucks, and educational activities.

Train Accidents in Providence

It seems today was a dangerous day on the train tracks as authorities have started looking into two separate incidents of people being hit by a train. The first incident was reported to happen early Saturday morning as a 26-year-old male was hit by an Amtrak train.  The victim is said to be in critical condition but the doctors at the Rhode Island Hospital expect him to survive.

The second incident happened around 12 pm in Pawtucket. There is no information with regard to the person’s identity as of yet.

Rhode Islanders Appalled by Violence in Virginia

Recently, violence erupted in the state of Virginia as white supremacists clashed with peaceful demonstrators. The governor has declared a state of emergency and deployed riot police to stop the violence.

However, things took a turn for the worst as a 20-year-old white supremacist ran over and killed several Black Lives and Equal Rights demonstrators. The suspect has since been arrested and charged with 2nd-degree murder.

Rhode Island leaders and residents were quick to react by saying that what was happening in their neighbor state is simply ‘appalling and shocking.

Neon Newswire: US

Terrorism possible cause for attack in California

San Bernardino, California- The FBI is looking into the attack in southern California that killed 14 people at a social services center as a possible terrorist attack. The married couple that carried out the attack had been in contact with several extremists both in the United States and abroad.

The couple went to the Inland Regional Center armed with two assault rifles, two semiautomatic pistols and left behind an explosive device made up of three pipe bombs that did not explode. At the time of attack, the pair had 1,400 rounds for the rifles and 200 rounds for the pistols. Thousands of rounds of ammunition were found at their residence in Redlands, California along with 12 more pipe bombs. The guns used in the attack were all legally purchased.

“Clearly they were equipped and they could have done another attack. We intercepted them before that happened obviously,” said Police Chief Jarrod Burguan of the San Bernardino Police Department.

The pair fled the scene of the worst mass shooting since the Newtown School Shooting in a black SUV. The two died in a shootout with police in the SUV three hours after the attack. FBI and other law enforcement officials are still investigating the motives for the attack.

Texas sues federal government to block refugees

The Attorney General of Texas filed suit at the US District Court in Dallas against the Department of State, The Department of Health and Human Services, and the International Rescue Committee, one of nine charities aiding Syrian refugees.

The suit cites the Refugee Act of 1980 which requires the federal government to, “consult regularly (not less often than quarterly) with state and local governments and private nonprofit voluntary agencies concerning the sponsorship process and the intended distribution of refugees among states and localities before their placement in those states and localities.”

The state has claimed that the federal government failed in its legal duty and that it was prevented “from receiving vital information to assess the security risk posed by the refugees in advance of their arrival.”

The first family to be resettled in Dallas is to arrive from Jordan on Friday according to the IRC. A statement issued by the charity on Wednesday said that the committee “has a cooperative agreement with the US Department of State and is bound by its terms with regard to the placement of refugees in the United States. We will continue to abide by the terms of our agreement and continue to resettle refugees, including Syrians, in Texas.”

A Department of Justice spokesperson said that they would review the complaint when it was served.

House Committee concludes Secret Service is ‘an Agency in Crisis’

The House Oversight & Government Reform Committee released a highly critical report of the Secret Service early on Thursday. The report claims that there have been 143 security breaches or attempted breaches at facilities secured by the Secret Service in the last 10 years. The committee has been investigating the agency since April of 2012 when the infamous South American prostitution scandal became public.

In that time the agency has had three directors and has fired, transferred, or disciplined multiple agents and senior officials. The agency has also had a string of high profile scandals in the last three years.

“Morale is down, attrition is up, misconduct continues and security breaches persist. Strong leadership from the top is required to fix the systemic mismanagement within the agency and to restore it to its former prestige,” said Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) the chairman of the committee Thursday.

The report goes on to cite deep budget cuts by Congress as a reason for the failings of the agency.

Elijah Cummings (D-MD) the ranking Democrat on the committee said that Congress “cannot make some of the biggest budget cuts in the history of the Secret Service and expect no repercussions to the agency’s staffing and its critical mission.”

The report makes the recommendation that staffing be increased as the agency is understaffed and the agents are overworked.

Neon Newswire : Providence News

Rhode Island ranks as “4th worst run state” in the country

The words “mediocrity” and “Rhode Island” are now synonymous according to an extensive study by “24/7 Wall Street,” a business insider magazine. The standout figure in 24/7’s study was the per-capita debt of Rhode Islanders, which averages at $9,068 per citizen. The magazine has also cited Rhode Island for its “bleakest future” consolation prize, noting that “with a dwindling tax base, conditions may get worse in the Ocean State before they get better.”

The publication continues, citing that “Rhode Island lost roughly 0.3% of its total population to people relocating from 2010 through 2014, making it one of 12 states with more people moving out than moving in. The population decline likely contributed to the even sharper drop in property values.”

The publication postulates that the largest contributor to the state’s poor administration is an over-sized state-level bureaucracy.

“Budget allocation in Rhode Island may not be efficient. While the state spends much more on government than is typical, at 5.4% of its annual budget, the government sector actually detracted 0.2 percentage points from the state’s 2014 GDP growth, a larger drag than in all but six other states,” the study stated.

Also addressed are Rhode Island’s poor credit rating issued by Moody’s in the wake of the 38 Studios scandal. The magazine awarded “best-run” status to North Dakota, Wyoming, and Iowa.


“Dancing Cop” banned by East Providence after controversy

Black Lives Don’t Matter, according to the Dancing Cop. Tony Lepore has seen another venue for his routine disappear following his brazen foray into conservative political activism.

Lepore was slated to perform for the city’s annual holiday tree lighting, but the City is now “pursuing other options.” According to the city’s full statement: “the City of East Providence has hired Tony Lepore, the dancing cop who protested against a 17 year old Dunkin Donuts employee after having #blacklivesmatter written on a coffee cup. Lepore made international headlines after calling for the firing of the employee and a boycott of Dunkin Donuts. The city’s choice to employ the Dancing Cop has shown that it has disregarded the issue of institutional racism, and the city is allowing enablers of institutional racism to represent the city.”

The holiday festivities are also sponsored by Dunkin Donuts. Lepore, in addition to his routine, is a paid spokesman for Honey Dew Donuts. Lepore has posted a screed on facebook stating  “I Have An Announcement to make; I just got a call from Mayor Tommy Rose of East Providence. He informed me that there was to be a demonstration put on by various organizations affiliated with Black Lives Matter. This event is supposed to be a festive holiday experience for children and their families.”

Lepore cited an unsubstantiated rumor that there will be a Black Lives Matter demonstration during the holiday ceremony. Black Lives Matter has stated on their twitter feed that they do not plan to protest the event.


Chief-less Providence firefighters criticize city

A crisis of leadership is evolving for Providence firefighters, who have been acting without a chief since the demotion of Scott Melo earlier this year.

Providence Firefighter Union President Paul Doughty said Tuesday that he had been “under the impression” that Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare would be serving as Interim Fire Chief in addition to his current duties, after the city demoted previous Chief Scott Mello — but learned that there was no acting or interim fire chief .

Pare would most likely not meet the qualifications as outlined in the job description for Fire Chief; the City appointed former Chief George Farrell as a consultant to the department, who would be ineligible to serve as Chief due to being past mandatory retirement age.

“I was under the impression that the Commissioner was going to serve as Commissioner, and Interim Fire Chief,” Doughty says, “Mello had been in that position — if you leave it vacant, then the next highest on the [organizational] chart becomes chief. So Mello is the head of the organization, without a chief.”

For interested applicants, the job description for the position of fire chief is as follows: “Providence is seeking a progressive and proven fire service professional to lead its Fire Department.  Established in 1854, the Providence Fire Department is the second oldest continuously operating professional fire department in the country. The Department is a full-service fire and emergency medical service agency that provides basic and advanced life support, fire prevention, fire suppression, technical rescue, and hazardous material response.  In addition, the Department conducts arson investigations and building plan reviews, enforces state and local fire and life safety codes, and administers public fire education programs.”

Student-athletes who drink called “losers”

Last week, the Athletics Department held a mandatory substance awareness meeting for all Rhode Island College student athletes, with guest speaker Peter DiGiulio. These meetings often focus on the dangers associated with the use of drugs and alcohol, their effect on performance, the damage overuse can do to your life and the penalties for any student-athlete regarding the use of such substances. But, the most recent meeting seemed to focus less on drugs, and more on a student’s character if they suffer from addiction.

“If you are sitting here in front of me, and you are an alcoholic, you will always be an alcoholic,” said DiGiulio. It was only one of the comments that caught a lot of attention and raised eyebrows across the Murray Center bleachers.

DiGiulio is a nationally known and NCAA-endorsed public speaker who deals with the topic of substance abuse. Before being invited to RIC, he sent the Athletic Department a packet full of information about himself, including numerous letters from high school athletic directors praising his presentation. DiGiulio, a 1973 Boston College Graduate, explains in the packet how he does not merely coerce kids to “Just Say No!” but instead ask “Why Say No?”

“My family has a lot of drug use in it. The way [DiGiulio] went about it was honestly ignorant and insulting,” one student athlete asserted.

Defeating an alcohol or drug addiction is a very difficult and painful process for those in recovery, and suggesting that alcoholics will never be capable of rising above their addiction, is not constructive in a meeting intended to lead students away from the path of overuse.

DiGiulio’s adamant views on alcohol and marijuana were made clear.

“I don’t like to be challenged,” he stated, “if you get drunk or smoke weed, you are a loser in life,” he went on to say.

He accuses marijuana users of being sneaky and unwilling to admit that they were users, saying that “you lie, you deny, you rationalize,” and challenging how they could truly believe that doing so was not wrong if they felt the need to hide it.

“You can’t handle the truth,” he added, quoting the 1992 film “A Few Good Men.”

During the speech Mr. DiGiulio often emphasized how important looking at the facts can be, but then contradicted himself by speaking out against using statistics.

“Statistics are for losers. If you asked me to tell you the statistics, I’d tell you to get out…Let’s not talk about statistics, let’s talk about facts,” he said.

“My impression is this is someone who is leading with emotions and not facts, and that alone, means they should be disregarded in this sense. This is an expression of opinion and a heavily biased one at that, and frankly someone like that shouldn’t be speaking on a college campus,” another Rhode Island College student-athlete says regarding DiGiulio’s credibility.

The reaction of one student-athlete following the speech; “He was pretty much telling us all ‘I know more about drugs than you,’ yet he didn’t even seem that knowledgeable about them.”

DiGiulio also shared a story regarding a nurse’s claims about alcohol. The nurse had dismissed the claim DiGiulio had made, when someone passed out after drinking at a party their kidney automatically shut down.  He confided to the audience that he was a, “very politically incorrect person,” and that he would not even let a registered nurse convince him his views were incorrect.

What exactly is the Catechism?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a book written to explain the teachings of the church. While the Bible is common to all of Christianity, the Catechism is unique to the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II referred to it as “a sure norm for teaching the Faith” as well as “a special gift.”

The Catechism was originally published in 1992, thirty years after the beginning of the Second Vatican Council, also known as Vatican II. It is organized by paragraph (of which there are 2,854 in total), with an index and a table of contents for easy reference.

Two of our most recent popes were instrumental in creating the Catechism. Pope John Paul II oversaw its creation and tapped Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who would later become Pope Benedict XVI, to head the commission of Cardinals and Bishops tasked with drafting the Catechism.

“It clearly shows that the problem of what we must do as human beings…is the essential problem of our day, and basically of all ages…What should we do? How does life become just? What can give us and the whole world a future which is worth living? Since the Catechism treats these questions, it is a book which interests many people, far beyond purely theological or ecclesial circles,” Pope Benedict XVI commented on it.

Following a brief statement from Pope John Paul II as well as a prologue, the Catechism is divided into four main parts. Each part is further divided into chapters, articles, and sections. At the end of each article, is a brief section that summarizes the key points discussed in the article.

Part one is titled “The Profession of Faith.” Its primary purpose is to highlight the many gifts that God gives to man.

Part two is titled “The Celebration of the Christian Mystery.” It explains how “God’s salvation, accomplished once for all through Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit, is made present in the sacred actions of the Church’s liturgy, especially in the seven sacraments.”

Part three is titled “Life in Christ.” It focuses on the importance of the Ten Commandments as well as the importance of God’s grace in our daily lives.

Part four is titled “Christian Prayer.” It discusses the importance of prayer in the life of the faithful and goes into great detail on the seven petitions of The Lord’s Prayer, also known as the Our Father.

The Catechism has over eight million copies in circulation worldwide. Published in over twenty different languages, it helps unite the more than 1.25 billion Catholics scattered across the globe. Available for under $10, the Catechism would make a great Christmas present for anyone looking to learn more about their Catholic faith.

Anti-vax is pro-idiot

Elisha Kay Aldrich-Anchor Editor

Please vaccinate your children, and vaccinate them on time. Measles has begun spreading again due to what is called the “anti-vax” movement. In a country where some of the best healthcare is available, the spread of such a deadly disease is absolutely unacceptable.

One of the main proponents of the anti-vaccine movement is that vaccines cause autism. Here’s some historical perspective: In 1998, Andrew Wakefield published a fraudulent study showing a correlation between the mumps, measles and rubella (MMR) vaccines and autism. After numerous investigations, it was found that Wakefield had a number of conflicts of interest, had manipulated evidence, and had broken a number of ethical codes.

Multiple studies were conducted afterwards by organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Institute of Medicine of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and they all showed that there is indeed no connection to the MMR vaccine and autism. Even the autism advocacy group Autism Speaks has stated that there is no connection to vaccination and autism. Any information telling you as such is completely false.

Another major factor of the anti-vax movement concerns the materials used when making vaccinations, and that they will actually make you more sick than the diseases that they are supposed to prevent. These vaccine ingredients include a small amount of the disease so the body can become immune to it, aluminum salts, which improve the body’s response to the vaccine, and formaldehyde, which is originally in the vaccine to kill the germs or toxins used and then removed. Any trace amounts left over will not harm the child.

Thimerosal is another hotly debated ingredient, because it is a preservative that contains mercury. The preservative was removed in 1999 due to the antivaxxers fear of vaccines causing autism, but multiple studies before its removal debunked the myth. It should also be noted that the number of recorded autism cases are still going up, even with the removal of thimerosal.

Herd immunity is a huge player in why vaccines work. If everyone in a particular area is vaccinated from a disease, then that disease cannot infiltrate and effect those people. This is especially important when there are children in the community who cannot be vaccinated due to other health concerns. If everyone else is safe, that protects the unvaccinated child. The problem begins when people willingly take their children off a vaccination schedule. Those children are no longer able to fight off the disease, which decreases the effectiveness of herd immunity. That’s why measles has been breaking out again, even though it was all but eradicated. That’s why it’s so important to vaccinate your kids—it’s not just for them, but for your community.

To put it bluntly, would you rather have an autistic child, or one who died from a completely preventable disease? Your child, while very loved and probably very cute, is no more special than anyone else’s. They are not a special snowflake who needs to be protected from any possible dangers of vaccines as well as the diseases they prevent. If you are taking your child off their immunization schedule, then you are defeating the purpose of herd immunity and directly contributing to the problem. Vaccines do not cause autism. They are meant to protect you, your child and your community. Stop spreading the lies. Start doing research.

Can You Hear Me Now?

NSSLHA Speed Seminar raises speech, language pathology awareness

Stephanie Faria

Anchor Contributor

The first ever Speed Seminar was held in Alger Hall last Wednesday. The Rhode Island College chapter of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association hosted the event, inviting members of the college community to hear what they had to say.

The NSSLHA club concentrates on speech and language pathology, and is composed of members who are Communications majors. In order to make a splash after spending some time on hiatus, the Speed Seminar was born. A short list of 10 to 15-minute long presentations were given by club members on topics of their own choosing.

“It birthed itself,” NSSLHA President Campbell said of the group coming up with the idea. Members give similar mini lectures at their weekly meeting, so the decision was easy to show off their hard work and educate the public.

“They were like, ‘Let’s do it!’,” Campbell recalled excitedly.

When asked what the group hopes to accomplish, NSSLHA Vice President Kristy Antonacci said, We want to spread awareness of speech and hearing sciences.”

Campbell and Antonacci joined club members Alexa Quinterno, Maria Corsini, Michaela Feeney and Courtney Saucier in presenting speeches on topics ranging from American Sign Language and Autism Spectrum Disorders to Traumatic Brain Injury and Medical Speech-Language Pathology and Dysphagia.

Speakers were passionate and professional, and Campbell was proud at the hard work his peers have pulled off.

“I’ve never met a more passionate group of people,” Campbell said.

The club’s advisor, Dr. Harriet Magen, was extremely proud of her group.

“Oh, it’s terrific work!” she said.

By the audience’s reaction, it would be fair to say the event was a success. Krystiana Mederios, a recent RIC graduate and former club member, was blown away at the progress the club has made. Family was no exception, either, as Norma-Jean Corsini thought it was an honor for her daughter Maria, who gave a great presentation on American Sign Language, to have come so far. It is a wonder as to what the next seminar will bring.


I left “First Biannual” in there because that’s what they are calling it, not because I believe First Biannual is a thing because it’s not!

Remembering Fallen Friends

A memorial to victims of transgender hate

Jess Bourget

Anchor Editor

One by one, candles were extinguished as names of transgender victims were read out loud at Temple Beth-El in Providence last Thursday. The previous day was Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day recognized all over the country to remember people who have lost their lives from anti-transgender acts of violence. The event was put together by Youth Pride, Inc and TGI Network of Rhode Island, both are agencies who provide support and advocacy for those who face challenges when expressing their gender identity.

The event began with the reading of victims’ names, ages, causes of death, and towns they were in at the time of their death. The group of readers took turns going through the names by months of the year, bringing everyone through the tragic deaths all the way from January to just weeks earlier, ending on Nov. 8. Victims were from all over the world; some from Malaysia and Mexico, others much closer to home in Florida and Ohio. Glow sticks were passed out afterwards while a woman sang about all people coming together with the same dream, the same light and the same fight for equality.

One guest speaker was Michelle Rinni, the mother of a young transgender girl. She recounted the experience of her son Sebastian, transitioning and going into the sixth grade as a girl. She recalled the apprehension she had, but praised the Pawtucket school system for helping her educate the staff and change the name on school records to Hannah. After she was done speaking, Hannah approached the stand, just tall enough to peer over at the attendees, and told everyone that she was happy to be at the memorial to encourage anyone who was transgender like her.

After the memorial, Congressman David Cicilini, who was in attendance, briefly spoke about the amount of people who were “killed because of who they are.” He stated that the memorial service was a “reminder that we have an enormous amount of work to do.” Congressman Cicilini continued on with the hopeful recognition that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act has been passed in Congress, proof that we are working towards protecting the transgender community from discrimination based on gender identity.

Refreshments were served after the speakers presented and information tables had been set up to educate the public on transgender rights, healthy sex practices and advocacy groups. People connected with each other and the spokespeople, learning more about programs like Sojourner House and the Center for Safe. I even got to witness a woman approach Hannah and encourage her as a fellow trans-woman, both having similar, yet different experiences to share with the other.

The night seemed quite a success in serving as a memorial for transgender victims of violence. Not only were victims recognized, but their messages were taken as a push to get people to stand up and do something to promote safety and equality for the transgender community.

Oh, we’re halfway there!

RIC’s new Art Center reaches mid-completion

Christian DeCataldo

Opinions Editor

After much deliberation, health and safety concerns forced action and, with financial help from the Alex and Ani company, the decision to construct a new Art Center was made. For many years there had been talk of replacing the old RIC Art Center, formerly a Student Union, with a brand new building. Planning for the new building began in April 2011, when it was decided that the old building was to be torn down and rebuilt in a two part plan.
Half of the old Art Center was to be torn down and the new building would be constructed while classes were able to still be held in the other half. Upon completion, classes would move to the newly renovated half while the remains of the old building were to be taken down and rebuilt.

The idea seemed sound and a schedule was designed to showcase when and how the work would be done. According to the schedule, which still resides in the common area of the current Art Office in Building 2, construction would begin in March of 2012 and the entirety of the project, both sides of the building, would be completed by September 2013. As of now, only one half of the new building has been completed and, at press time, it currently has no occupancy permit.

Leaky ceilings in the ceramics and jewelry departments, as well as most drawing and design classrooms, are immediately noticeable by the water stains left on the concrete floors. Work tables built into the print shop were built far too small for the equipment that will be housed on them. At least one bathroom needed to be completely re-tiled due to shoddy workmanship and some of the classrooms are not even squared. Even the building map in the West entrance is oriented upside down from how a map normally would be, making it difficult to navigate the building.

According to Art Department Chair Bill Martin, “there are always setbacks, big and small that effect any construction project; the bright side is, despite these setbacks, RIC art students will finally have a great building to call their own.” He’s right. Though the new building has its troubles, it offers a far larger, cleaner and safer place for students.

The Jewelry, Sculpture, and Ceramics areas have been significantly enlarged, along with the general Drawing and Design classrooms. Every room now has ample storage space for student work along with other augmentations such as projectors, track lighting and sinks, which should be put to good use. There is even a spray booth for painting and using other chemicals. Miles of ductwork help ventilate the building, keeping the air clean. And outdoor workstations help allow students to continue their efforts in the fresh air, should they choose.
The second half of construction is estimated to take far less time than the first and should be ready for students in just over a year, provided there are no major setbacks.

Male prostitution in Providence

On Oct. 26, Richard Holcomb, a former drug addicted sex-worker in Providence and advocate for male prostitutes, held a meeting at RIC as part of the Institute for Addiction Recovery Seminar, hosted by the psychology department.

Holcomb works at Miriam Hospital as a prevention counselor and research assistant, and formerly worked at AIDS Care Ocean State.
He began his presentation with the death of Roy Weber, 22, who was shot in the head and found by Johnson & Wales University security on Christmas morning of 2003. Holcomb said Weber was a male prostitute, and that people have alleged that the investigation into his death was less-than-exhaustive. The case still remains unsolved.

While the need for a support system for this population of people was obvious to Holcomb and others like him, there also existed no data on said population.

Holcomb received a mini-grant to conduct a survey of 50 male sex workers. Individuals were given a $20 gift card to a 7-Eleven in exchange for their working time to answer the survey questions.

Project Weber, established in honor of Roy Weber, had been granted a schedule of a few months to find 50 male prostitutes and to interview them. They finished in three weeks. Of the people interviewed, 6 percent had tested HIV positive, and 22 percent had Hepatitis C. Despite having STDs, many continue to have unprotected oral and anal sex.

Fifty-eight percent were homeless and 68 percent had been homeless during the past month. Project Weber also found that 15 percent of male sex-workers in Providence were bisexual, 23 percent were gay, and 62 percent identified themselves as straight. Most of these men would perform a sex act for money and then purchase drugs to get high. Sixty-eight percent said they wanted to stop.

Holcomb and others have used this information to start outreach programs that provide needle exchanges, free condoms and HIV testing and information concerning where individuals can receive further assistance.

Being a former prostitute has helped build some trust between Holcomb and the community he’s trying to reach. He says they feel “as though they can be more open with someone who has experienced the same thing. Many male prostitutes end up in jail, but those kinds of institutions often don’t help male prostitutes who may need trauma counseling for sexual abuse and rape. The men who look for help in situations like those are belittled and harassed.”

These outreach programs target locations like the two Providence bathhouses, and certain adult bookstores where a staircase will lead to several video booths that say “one person only” but often have two or more people entering at a time.
Providence, with its adult bookstores, fully nude clubs, and bathhouses offers anonymity, which according to Holcomb, “encourages the type of lifestyle these men are living.”

Currently, Holcomb is looking for funding to open a drop-in center for men to receive help that doesn’t just cater to gay men, but the broader category of male sex-workers in order make clients more comfortable. There aren’t many shelters for men, either in Rhode Island or nationally.

Holcomb said that “part of the problem may be that many people in the position to help them would rather take advantage of services offered by male sex-workers than alleviate the issue.”

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